Kids on the Line Business Overview ~ Reviewed: 7/12/2019

Executive summary:

Kids on the Line will strive to expose multicultural students in the local Twin Cities to help prepare them for education beyond high school through tutoring them on leadership, community service,leadership,and life skills.

We will be partnering with the Midway YMCA after school program to recruit students to our program and we will ask fora 3 month commitment in order to minimize turnover. Students will be tutored with work study Hamline University students twice a week where they will focus on academics and life skills. Students from Hamline University will gain invaluable work experience by partnering with our program and will be recognized for helping our kids reach their goals.

Long term plans include partnering with other local after school programs in a similar format. We will take learnings from our pilot program at the Midway YMCA to ensure that any program expansions are executed flawlessly.

Mission Statement:

To be a catalyst to encourage multicultural students in the Twin Cities to further their education, develop leadership kills,give back to the community and improve their health through the sport of handball.

Market Analysis:

The vast majority of parents see the value of after school program with 82% supporting public funding for these enrichment programs.The labor market has been slowly shifting to both parents working full time over the years but recently the market has made a strong swing in that direction makes after school programs even more important to local families. Providing enriching after school programing not only allows both parents continue to work on their professional development but also allows their children to be exposed to new and interesting ideas outside of the classroom.

Looking at the numbers a vast amount of K-12 students are not involved in any after school program. The barriers to their involvement may include financial barriers along with lack of transportation or even lack of interest or support in the current list of particular activities. Adding a different program,such as Urban Handball;to the list may strike the interest of a subset of these students.

Source: After School Alliance

Organization and management:

• Board of directors (in progress)
o David Engler
o Gail Cederberg o Dave Dahl

• Advisory board
o Phil Gebben Green o Mitchell allier
o Tom Pearson o Greg Taylor
o Erica Villanueva
o Jazmin Danielson (TBD)

Services Provided:

• Tutoring on both academics and life skills
• Opportunity to give back through community service
• Givingstudents a place to meet new friends and make long lastingfriendships
• Opportunity to learn how to planhandballto improve their health and work on sportsmanship